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To get the most out of your online marketing campaign, you may want to consider a website redesign. While on the surface a site redesign might just seem like the moving of graphics and content, reorganization of navigational links or implementing new layout and color themes, a successful redesign goes much deeper. At Online Potential, we begin our redesign efforts by meeting with our Orlando-based clients and determining the goals of the company. Once we can get to the very core of your company’s goes — and in turn discover how a website can best serve to meet those goals — we’re able to evaluate the many approaches of a website redesign and choose the right path.

There are several reasons that a website might need to be reworked. The most common reason we encounter is aesthetics. Websites created a decade ago or more need to be updated and revamped to compete with the ever growing online market. High-resolution graphics and new content are likely to draw new visitors to your site, but your site may need more. Redesigns that occur every few years are likely to need less work because updates occur intermittently, keeping content and designs fresh and relevant and ensuring links function properly. However, sites that haven’t been reworked in a decade are probably going to need a serious overhaul. We’ll take a look at what’s going on with your site, including functionality and usability to determine if your company’s site needs more than a few tweaks.

Does My Company’s Website Need a Redesign?

As stated, there are a lot of reasons your website might need a redesign. Here are the most common reasons we see at Online Potential.

  1. Low Website Traffic. We all know that there are plenty of reasons why website traffic dwindles, but if it’s happening to your company’s site, it could mean that you’re due for a redesign. Content, better site organization, and the inclusion of meta tags are all things to consider when web traffic is low. Online Potential can create new, informative content, organize your site’s link hierarchy and revamp your meta tags to give you better rankings on search engine results.
  2. Low Conversion/Sales/Lead Generation. Web analytic tools can help us determine if your site is lacking in the way it functions, if links are broken, if content is considered spam, as well as seeing how users behave on the site. Based on user behavior, we can create a new layout, rearrange pages or hierarchies for easier navigation, and even determine if graphics or interactive designs are getting in the way of your profits.
  3. A Change in the Company. If you company’s structure or purpose has changed, your existing website might be hurting your business. It’s important for your website to correctly identify and reflect your company’s purpose and goals. This might involve some simple content changes to update your mission statement and profiles, or it could mean a complete overhaul if you’re a new eCommerce business. If you aren’t sure whether your company changes warrant a website redesign, we’re here to help.
  4. You Want an Update. Staying on top of website redesigns can help drive traffic to your site. Your consumers will be curious as your unveil your new look, and they’ll want to try out all the new-and-improved features. It’s recommended to update your site every few years so that visitors know you are taking an active role in your site. If they feel that your content and features are outdated (anything prior to 2012 at this point), they might move on.
  5. Appealing to a Larger Market. Did you know that in 2013, 37 percent of Internet users browsed from a mobile device? If you aren’t optimizing your site for mobile users, then a redesign should be in your company’s future. Whether you want to create a mobile site or implement responsive design, we can help you meet this market so you aren’t being left behind.

We are able to identify a few of these reasons for a redesign through web analytics tools that we manage for our clients. By monitoring their sites and results, we can gauge when a site might benefit from a redesign. It’s just one way our all-encompassing services can keep your site relevant and grow your business.

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