Google Remarketing

Remarketing is an Internet marketing strategy that is optimized for people who have previously visited your website, and it employs an invitation of some kind in order to entice those visitors to return to your site.

Your website visitors fall into a few different categories.

  1. People who have made a purchase.
  2. People who have made multiple purchases.
  3. People who have not purchased but did view products.
  4. People who have not purchased but have products included in their online shopping carts.

As a Google Partner, Online Potential can help you reach these site visitors and draw them back to your site to purchase, register, or at the very least browse your products. There are several ways to go about doing so, and which strategy you choose can depend on the time of consumer you want to attract, the type of promotion or invitation involved, and the kind of online behavior exhibited by your potential consumer.

Types of Remarketing Strategies with Online Potential & Google

Remarketing strategies typically involve one or more of the following: standard, dynamic, mobile, search ads, and video remarketing.

Standard Remarketing

Present advertisements to people who have previously visited your website while they browse sites that are included in the Display Network or use apps that are a part of the Display Network. Google’s Display Network is a collection of sites and apps that display AdWords advertisements. These can be listed on Google-specific sites like Gmail and YouTube as well as sites that are not directly associated with Google.

Dynamic Remarketing

When people who have previously visited your website see dynamic advertisements, services or products they browsed appear with tailored messages. Dynamic ads are able to incorporate your entire inventory and work well with responsive website design. Add a dynamic remarketing tag, which “tags” site visitors, and you can have custom adverts shown to these visitors across the Display Network.

Mobile Remarketing

Your adverts can appear on mobile websites as well as mobile apps as long as the person has viewed your mobile site or used your mobile app. More people shop and browse on mobile devices than ever before, so it’s important not to miss group of consumers.

Search Ads & Remarketing Lists

Tailor your advertising to people who perform searches on Google after they leave your website. It’s possible they’re looking for better prices at a competing site, so a targeted advert could lead them back to you.

Video Remarketing

You can reach users who have watched videos on your website, blog or social media platform, or even your YouTube channel, while they watch on YouTube or browse apps, videos and sites included in the Display Network.

Watch Your Business Grow with Remarketing

With all the ways you can reach return and potential consumers, Online Potential wants to make sure your advertising efforts are paying off. We’ll help you reach consumers when they’re more likely to make purchases, present offers that will entice them to return or refer friends, and help you reach your advertising and sales goals every time. Remarketing campaigns provide your company with detailed reports so you can know what web pages include your ad, which ads received the most clicks, and which ad/website combinations give you the biggest return on investment. And when you aren’t receiving the data to support actionable results, Online Potential can help you reduce bids to save you money.

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