Custom Infographic Design

The content featured on your company’s website should present information in a clear way that’s easy for the reader to understand. Some information is better presented in traditional text and paragraph form, but some situations allow for a more inviting and visually stimulating presentation. Custom infographics marry text with graphics, illustrations, charts and more to create an ideal storyboard for presenting information with a purpose or theme.

When to Use an Infographic

Some people claim infographics are best utilized when you have boring data to present — usually a lot of numbers and statistics. Unique illustrations can help present lackluster material in a way that can still appeal to readers. However, there are countless applications for custom infographics such as presenting data and statistics; telling a story about your company; recruiting employees; revealing a new product; making comparisons about products, services or companies; showcasing interesting facts; and even starting a campaign for raising awareness. These are just a few examples of the many ways a custom infographic can be used to get a point, theme or information across to your audience.

Because of the nature of infographics, more complex data can be included because the main objective is to present the information in a less confusing way. The limited text that accompanies the illustrations and charts make comprehension a breeze — audiences can read and understand the information in a glance. From quarterly earnings reports to the best Halloween costume ideas, infographics have quickly become the go-to source of information.

How to Create Better Infographics

Custom infographics are not new. Media outlets have used them for years as a way to publish quick facts in newspapers, magazines and newsletters. We’ve seen infographics being used in commercials for new trucks and cars as well as government-led initiatives to save energy at home.

As with any other marketing tool, you should start with a clear goal or purpose for your infographic. Are you informing your audience about a new product? Do you want them to complete a call-to-action? Are you publishing information about your business as a way to stay transparent with your consumers? Whatever the reason, we can help by creating an infographic that will reach your goal.

Our design team will create original images, graphs, and illustrations to best present your information in a coherent and interesting way that will appeal to readers and retain their attention. While infographics can be read more quickly than a news article or lengthy blog entry, it must still be interesting and unique enough to entice your audience to continue reading.

Infographics are generally designed as long, vertical posters of sort. When separated into distinct sections, they can become quite big without being overwhelming. You should keep in mind, however, how much scrolling goes into reading the graphic. While you want to get all of the pertinent information on there, your audience may tire out too soon. We can help you shorten an existing infographic to perform better with your readers.

It Isn’t Always About Business

Custom infographics don’t always have to be formal. Consider using more playful infographics to update your social media posts and blog entries.

  • Poll your employees about their favorite holiday or what they want most for Christmas.
  • Show which charities your team has donated to in the past year.
  • Estimate how many cups of coffee your staff goes through on each client’s project.
  • Explore the top 10 places in the world where you and your employees want to travel and why.
  • If your employees all bike to work, map out how many miles they bike daily and make comparisons to how far that distance relates to major attractions, like the Grand Canyon or Great Wall of China.

These examples of custom infographics won’t make the headlines, but they do allow your consumers to get an inside look at your operation and the people who make your business possible. An occasional fun infographic can appeal to your audience and create a personal connection through social media or blogs that you would otherwise miss.

Online Potential’s Custom Infographic Design Team

Our designers have the experience needed to create unique graphics while presenting your company’s important information. We work closely with our Orlando clients to ensure the data is accurate and that the infographic will serve the purpose our clients have outlined. When you need to spruce up information, want to have a bit of fun, or need an attention-grabbing marketing tool, try a custom infographic by Online Potential and watch your business grow.

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