Google Webmaster Tools

When businesses based in Orlando tell us that they want to rank higher on Google’s results pages, we always ask if they’re using Google Webmaster Tools. These web-based tools give webmasters the ability to see a website through Google’s eyes, like how Google indexes your site, whether the search engine thinks you’re spamming, or if there is malicious code attached to one of your pages. And knowing that Google provides these tools in order to help companies make better websites means you can trust the data you receive.

Why Should I Use Google Webmaster Tools?

We recommend Google Webmaster Tools for a lot of our clients because it’s easy to use and provides valuable information. It also provides ways to essentially rank better on Google, and when you pair these tools with Google Analytics, you have a very powerful web analysis and data collection system.

Google Webmaster Tools has a lot of great features, including:

  • Compiling data on internal and incoming links;
  • Providing access to Google search statistics;
  • Sending alerts if malware is detected on your site;
  • Notifying you of indexing errors; and
  • Listing the performance of targeted keywords.

Why We Recommend Google Webmaster Tools

With Google’s online tools, you can have access to everything you need in order to monitor the health of your website, understand website traffic patterns, and make changes so Google can better index and rank your site.

A big part of Google’s self-released tools is so that companies and SEO firms can see the search engine’s expectations and make the necessary changes. By doing this, Google is practically giving you a laundry list of what to fix or what is marked as questionable tactics. When you respond correctly, fixing the errors, creating better content and providing Google with more information about your site, the result is often better placement on search engine results pages (SERP).

When Google is able to correctly index your site and understand the targeted keywords that are associated with your products and services, it can recommend your site more appropriately in search queries. Often we find that web owners use a lot of keywords that don’t align with their site, products or services, so they aren’t getting the visitors and customers they want. This leads to lower conversion rates and a lot of confusion.

Google Webmaster Tools shows data on each of your website’s pages, which is why it’s so important to have a complete and effective website as a whole. One or two poorly written or unoptimized pages can have some pretty drastic negative results, so it’s not just your homepage that needs to be in tip-top shape. Not knowing how each page is performing can be nerve wracking, but Google Webmaster Tools takes care of that for you so you can conduct your business with one less worry on your mind. Of course, our analysts are trained to take care of all of this for you, from evaluating Google notices to implementing changes.

Online Potential in Orlando is here to help your eCommerce business grow. While we offer our expertise in many areas, we recognize valuable outside tools when we see them. Using Google Webmaster Tools on all of your company’s websites is just good business.

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