Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? The long answer is that Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to boost search engine rankings from natural or unpaid search queries. Every search engine provides these organic listings and presents links in a ranked fashion based on how relevant or useful the search engine thinks a site will be to the person doing a search.

The short answer is this: A way to drive traffic and sales.

SEO incorporates several tactics so that your company can provide a useful, informative website to your consumers and site visitors. Search engine optimization is more than just using industry keywords or trying to fit in wonky keyword phrases that are often search for by people. In fact, doing too much of that “keyword stuffing” will end in penalties from Google. And although you don’t have to pay a fee for these penalties, the lower search engine rankings that result from keyword stuffing will definitely hit your company’s sales.

Here is Online Potential’s list for better SEO:

  • Quality content. It doesn’t have to be 10 pages long or even 2 pages. Sometimes, shorter is better because you alleviate the tendency to repeat information, and duplicate content, as well as copied content, is an SEO red flag. Make sure all of your content is relevant, useful and informational. And remember that SEO is everywhere. We can optimize not only your website, but blogs, social media profiles and advertisements.
  • Link building. If you are able to link to relevant outside sources, it is a good way to build credibility to your own site. But make sure these sites are worth linking, otherwise Google’s algorithms might think you’re trying to trick or spam users. And don’t forget to link to your social media profiles, blogs and any other company-related content that isn’t hosted on your site.
  • Check your tags and titles. Each page’s meta tags and titles, as well as content headings, should be relevant to the specific page and content found there. Keep it simple and don’t just repeat your company name in all the tags -- that’s not very helpful!
  • Be goal-oriented. We can help you write out your company goals and then make an SEO plan that will help you meet those goals. By doing this, we can focus your SEO efforts for a better marketing campaign.
  • Understand your audience. When you understand why and how people search for your company, you can create content geared for those underlying intentions. Online Potential uses data gathering tools and analyzes a spectrum of information in order to better understand your target audience.

Choosing An SEO Firm

There is actually a lot of work that goes into effective SEO. As we stated before, it isn’t just keyword spamming (although 10 years ago that may have worked, Google has put an end to the appeal of Black Hat SEO tactics) but rather creating a complete and quality online product. At Online Potential, we have the SEO experts to help your Orlando company benefit from a quality online product including higher conversions and increased website traffic.

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