Email & Banner Design

What can a banner ad do for you?

  • Establish brand identity.
  • Customize messages for separate groups of consumers.
  • Increase your return on investment.

A banner design can make or break your online marketing campaign. Banners are easy to include in emails or use as standalone ads on Display Network web pages. But just because an ad is in a banner shape doesn’t mean it will be effective, inviting or unique. The designers at Online Potential can help you determine the best use for your banner advertisements and create a banner design that will get you a higher return on your investment.

Email & Banner Designs

There are plenty of reasons for your business to send an email to your database of consumers or registered users. But do you really need a different banner design for each email? Probably not. A uniformed banner can help establish your brand identity, allowing consumers to identify your emails with just a glance. A solid brand identity is often connected to brand loyalty, as consumers who can easily identify brands are more likely to purchase from them and come back as repeat customers.

Think of your banner design as a template for your business purposes. Once the basic design is created, you can change the text and tweak the images to conform to a new promotion or provide information to a certain list of consumers. An ideal use of banner design comes into play with remarketing tools. You can include your banner in an email to new customers, newly registered users, or previous consumers who have not purchased a second time. In each of the instances, you’ll want a custom message to be included on the banner that focuses on the reason you’re contacting the consumer or on the call-to-action you hope they complete. It’s easy to swap text or tweak an image while keeping the general layout of the banner ad the same. By doing so, you’ll build your brand identity while going after sales. We can create several banner ad strategies for your business so that you can reach each group of consumers more effectively.

Why Hiring a Professional Can Help

We’ve seen it all from our Orlando clients. Too much text. Colors that are hard to read. Calls-to-action buried within images and content. Awkwardly sized logos. Cheesy graphics. Vague information. The list goes on and on. We understand the desire to create your own banner ads, whether you’re a small business or larger company. The problem is that online marketing techniques change nearly as quickly as the technology used to browse those ads, so if you aren’t doing your due diligence and following trends closely, your banner ads might not be as effective as you hope.

Banner ads that don’t function properly can drive away your customers. Our programmers can ensure that your interactive, animated, and Flash-based banners are fully functional and easy to view. Slow, disruptive ads can hurt your brand, so trust a professional to build your company’s banner ads for a higher return on investment.

As certified Google Partners, we encourage our clients to implement Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools in order to monitor the results of banner ad campaigns. Through these online tools, we can see how many people clicked on the ad, how they saw the ad (through email or Display Network web pages), whether they completed the call-to-action or made a purchase, and where visitors went after they left the page (did they head to your competitor). Analytics tools also allow us to create new marketing strategies for your business so that the next banner will be more effective. If the first one performed well, we can use the data to create similar banners that your consumers will recognize and love.

Testing is a big part of online marketing. Online Potential is able to create multiple banner designs and test them with your current consumer base to see which designs perform better in terms of sales and conversions. Give your consumers the opportunity to be a part of your market research so that we can continue to meet their expectations.

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