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Nearly every business has a website. If you don’t have a site for your business, you should seriously consider why you haven’t given your company an online presence. Maybe you think that staying offline isn’t hampering your sales (you’re most likely wrong) or perhaps you aren’t sure where to start (we can help you with that). At Online Potential, we work closely with our clients to determine what they want to get out of a website and which types of websites will nerve their business the most. Understanding that a website has multiple purposes can help you create a better, more effective site that addresses and helps you meet your company’s goals.

The Many Purposes of a Website

A website can serve a lot of purposes for your online business.

  • Businesses should think of websites as multifunctional online marketing tools. They are platforms that can help you increase your consumer base while growing your business. When you begin to put such importance on a website, then you can begin to see how effective websites can increase a company’s profit.
  • A website is the face of your company’s online presence. You want visitors to see a professional, usable site that is unique and inviting. A company’s style and brand should be clear to a visitor which can build brand loyalty and trust with consumers. Just as someone might say, “he has a face you can trust,” you want customers to trust the online face of your business.
  • The majority of sites incorporate some sort of call-to-action. It could be inviting visitors to register with your company, sign up to a newsletter, request a quote for services or products, or even purchase products directly. A website’s design and layout can actually guide consumers to complete a call-to-action. Both direct sales and lead generation can be the main purposes of eCommerce sites, and in those cases, you cannot afford to have a site that doesn’t attract consumers, guide them to a call-to-action (sales or otherwise), and perform well so that they want to return.
  • Remember that a website can be pivotal when building or expanding your online brand. A reliable site that provides quality and informative content will increase your company’s credibility with consumers. Your site can become an authority on your industry with an impressionable, likable design.

Orlando is a dynamic city, and no one online marketing campaign will fit the needs of all the city’s businesses. We take pride in our local establishments and sports teams, yet we serve as a mecca for millions of tourists each year. Online Potential can help you reach your local audience while appealing to out-of-state tourists who might want to visit your company while they are in Florida. Online, we can help you reach a vast audience while also appealing to local consumers. Find out what our design team can do for your website and build your online business.

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We have more than a decade of inbound marketing experience, and a big portion of our expertise rests squarely on our designers’ shoulders. And it all begins with a formative website strategy to determine the structure of your business and create a complementary site to support that structure. From the backend development of  databases to the frontend design of layout and navigation, we will construct an interactive and attractive site. Need content? We’ve got you covered with SEO content that is both informative and unique.

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