Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms can be your company’s best marketing strategy and its worst conceived idea, and it all depends on how your utilize the profiles. With photos, Facebook posts, tweets and videos going viral every second, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to surprise or shock followers with the ultimate gag or funny quip. But all too often the backlash from an ill-timed photo opportunity or a joke in poor taste can spell ruin for your online brand.

It is estimated that, as of 2013, more than 500 million people use Facebook. That’s a lot of untapped potential if you aren’t signed up. Facebook can be a vital tool in creating and maintaining a business personality. It is an excellent way to advertise promotions in real time. And you can monitor and address reviews instantly. Online Potential can manage all of this for your company, as well as posting, link building and more. We’ve been working with businesses to improve their online image for a decade, and we’ve seen it all. Let us help you avoid the negative backlash while pushing your online brand and growing your reputation.

Social Media Marketing — Getting It Right

The first thing your company needs is a plan. What do you want to get out of having a social media presence? We’ll discuss the appropriate platforms to reach your company’s goal and how to best use that platform for posting, promotions, raising brand awareness and improving online reputations. Being present on social media can also help your overall Internet marketing campaign through link building and garnering attention from consumers who would not find their way to your website otherwise.

Once we determine which sites can help your company reach your goals, we’ll get to work creating profiles and generating inviting content so that people like, follow and share your posts and tweets. It’s important to be unique but inoffensive when posting. Social media followers aren’t likely to sit quietly — they comment on and share offending posts so quickly it can spread like wildfire. And if you aren’t able to manage your profile and negative reviews immediately, things can spiral out of control.

Some Things to Remember

  • Numbers aren’t everything. It’s better to have dedicated consumers as followers than a couple million people who don’t visit your site or buy your products. You want quality followers here.
  • Social media take time and interaction to be successful. Your posts need to be engaging and add something to your followers’ day that they can’t get elsewhere.
  • Develop a business personality. Show the human side to your company with photos from holiday parties, award ceremonies and charity events. Express interest in some good causes that your company can stand behind. Are you a green company? Then promote the cause through your posts. Followers who like these causes are more likely to shop with you.
  • Sometimes, more is less. If you have so many social media profiles that you can’t keep them straight, then you need to cut back. Like a web page, social media profiles and posts need to have sustenance and quality information. And if you do have profiles on more than one platform, make sure each post is unique.
  • Nearly half of social media users are signing on via mobile devices. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Are you featuring promotions and ads that are easy to view on these devices? We’ll help you figure all of it out so you can reach this market.

Partnering with Online Potential to create a successful social media marketing plan can help convert your followers into paying consumers, which in turn increases your return on investment. Engage your customers, form a connection, and build a lifetime of brand loyalty.

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