Content Management Systems

Websites that are updated regularly can become more successful than static sites that do not offer new content, updated layouts or swapped images. There are a few reasons that Online Potential recommends to our Orlando clients to implement a content management system in order to establish and expedite regular website updates.

What is a Content Management System?

A CMS, or content management system, is useful web-based software that allows webmasters to perform a number of maintenance tasks on a website with ease. There are two parts to a CMS: the content management application (CMA) and the content delivery system (CDA).

With the content management application, web managers, even those with very limited expertise, can make changes and updates to content, images, videos and layout.

You can create new content, edit existing content and publish content with a few mouse clicks. Content publishing scheduling can be especially helpful for overnight updates or when you want an update to coincide with a sales promotion. At the predetermined time, your content will publish for you whether you’re out of the office or even asleep.

Changing images can keep your website fresh and new to your visitors. With a content management system, these image swaps can be easy and fast and can be performed by whoever is managing your site without needing to know how to code.

The content delivery application is the portion that performs the actions you want to occur, such as the updates and content publishing to the site.

Why Do I Need a CMS?

Content management systems provide you with the opportunity to manage your website in real time with all the tools you need in one place. Because these applications are most often web-based, you can have programming access to your site almost anywhere. This gives you more freedom to work and update whenever it fits your busy schedule. It’s also optimal for those times when you spot a small error or if a feature stops working properly and you want to correct the error quickly before your site visitors notice.

For those business owners who are too busy or don’t have the workforce available for managing their website, Online Potential is available to handle all the updates for you. With Online Potential taking care of your online promotions, changing advertisements and optimizing content for search engines, you’re free to focus on what’s important to you and your business without worrying about the web.

With increasingly busy schedules, it can be nearly impossible to keep track of every website update — new promotions, adjusting advertising to meet demands, blogs and online press releases. A content management system can automate some of these updates for you through it’s scheduled publishing feature. But for all those other needs, it can be difficult to find time to make sure they happen without a hitch. That’s why you should choose an Internet marketing and website management company like Online Potential. We’ll keep track of posting new content to your site on a weekly basis while performing other maintenance for you.

Don’t greet your consumers with outdated content. Keep your site up-to-date and ahead of your competition with the convenience of a content management system. With Online Potential monitoring your site, you’ll be able to sit back and watch your business grow.

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