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Business blogs are extremely cost-effective marketing tools for promoting your business. They can increase brand awareness, build your consumer base, advertise and promote specials, publicize company events or internal happenings, and overall increase your sales. You might be asking how a blog can do all of those things, and we at Online Potential in Orlando have the answers.

Increase Brand Awareness

Business blogs are easily located when indexed correctly by search engines. In order for your business blog to be more successful, we utilize search engine optimization best practices so that your writing can be found by others. After all, if no one is reading your blog, then what’s the point of having one? Having a business blog means you can link to the blog from your website and social media platforms. With increased link building, there’s more of a chance that people will share your blogs with others. By building on that network, your online brand can be featured on monitors across the country. Once you’ve made people aware of your brand, you can go forward with brand loyalty and other marketing campaigns to turn blog visitors into potential consumers.

Build Your Consumer Base

Think of all of the visitors to your blog as potential consumers. You want to feature articles and opinions that appeal to your target audience. By doing so, they will want to visit your pages more often, and if they find their values and ideals align with your company’s, they are more likely to make a purchase or hire your services. Blogs are perfect opportunities to create a personal connection with your audience. Many businesses use blogs to showcase the varying personalities of their employees, which then creates a sort of online personality for your business. When you portray the human side of your company, consumers are more likely to relate to your company and appreciate the non-corporate atmosphere. Although the Internet may have once been a haven for the anonymous, more and more people are using it to connect with others in the world. Give your consumers the chance to connect with your business and see a softer side of sales.

Advertisements & Marketing

From a business standpoint, blogs are cost-effective advertising and marketing tools. Blogs provide a platform for advertising nearly anything you want. Charity events, company picnics, political views, legislative policies that affect your industry, seasonal traditions, even the latest music and fashion trends can be discussed freely. Of course, you want to choose topics that will appeal to your target audience, and topics that can be linked to your business or industry will create strong reading material.


Think of business blogs as informal online press releases. Often we see blog entries shared on social media, linked to from articles, and even linked to from other bloggers. Keeping your blog updated with informative material that also appeals to your consumers’ interests are more likely to be viewed as an authority on your business and industry. If another blogger picks up your blogging topic and links back to your business blog, you’re getting free publicity.

Increase Business Sales

So, you create a blog, keep it updated with new entries posted regularly, and participate in link building so you can reach a bigger audience. If all goes as planned, you’re increasing brand awareness, building a larger consumer following, and running marketing campaigns way under budget. This can all lead to your business seeing a much higher return on investment as well as increased sales.

Online Potential’s Business Blog Services

We’re here for your business blog needs from the very start. We can create a blog for you, designing a custom layout or tweaking our templates so you can find the perfect place on the Internet for your blogging. If you aren’t sure how to get started, just ask us. We can give you tips on creating better blog entries, how to begin your first blog entry, and how to write so others will want to read your entry. We know how busy our Orlando clients can be, whether you own a small business or just don’t have the time to oversee your marketing team. In any case, we can use our SEO expertise to create well-written, original blog entries that reflect your company’s views and opinions. We can also set up a schedule so that your blog is updated regularly, which is important for staying relevant and drawing in more traffic.

Business blogs are a great opportunity in which any business can participate. Let Online Potential create a blog strategy with your business so you can watch your business grow.

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