Online Press Release

Online press releases can serve your business through several marketing techniques like search engine optimization, link building, social media marketing, and content strategies. There are several reasons why we at Online Potential think every business in Central Florida should benefit from utilizing online press releases, and we want you to understand how much these releases can affect your company’s online brand and reputation.

Advantages of Online Press Releases

Authoritative Source

Information that pertains to your business and is released from your business is automatically credible until proven otherwise. (Of course, you should absolutely never release false information.) That means your press releases can be used as the basis for other online article topics; your press release can be used for quoting material that media outlets pick up; and the online release can serve as attribution for bloggers or social media enthusiasts to link. Why is this important? Well, not only will it establish credibility and reliability for your online brand, but when other websites (blogs, news sites, industry reporters, etc.) pick up the information and link it back to your website, blog, or press release, a few beneficial things are occurring.

  1. Brand awareness is increasing as more people have the opportunity to read about your business.
  2. Your link building efforts are paying off every time a new site links back to you.
  3. It’s more likely that your press release can be posted on large forums and information sites like reddit or digg, or that it can go viral via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Original Content

Search engines expect websites to update regularly with original content. A press release can help your business accomplish both of these goals. When something happens involving your company, don’t wait for a media outlet or another site to pick up the news. Often, the situation will go unnoticed, which isn’t helping your company at all. Good or bad news can be included in online press releases in such a way that it can garner positive attention and site visitors. For example, charity events, fundraising opportunities, or anything that helps improve the community should be announced to the public via an online press release. It’s important that you push for a positive image of your business or your actions may go unnoticed. Press releases are the perfect outlet to announce new products or services, changes in the structuring of the company, new locations, large hiring movements, seasonal promotions, or any other news that involves your business. If you aren’t sure how to write a press release, or don’t have the adequate staff, our team can handle it for you. From content creation to distribution, we have your online press release covered so that it adheres to your SEO marketing strategy while being informative and creative. After all, you want to drive traffic to your site while improving your online marketing campaign.

With everything an online press release can do for a business, we’re often surprised that more businesses aren’t taking advantage of this piece of marketing. Sit down with our experts and discuss your business and marketing goals so we can determine what type of online releases are appropriate for your announcements, how and where to post them, and to which outlets we’ll send your release. That way you can be sure to hit your target audience, whether in Orlando or nationwide, and we can continue to help your business grow.

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