Google Analytics

With each visitor your website receives, a pile of data builds up. Soon, this pile can become a mountain of information, and if you aren’t tapping into that information, you are missing out on a huge fact-finding opportunity that can turn your online business around. At Online Potential, we encourage all of our clients in Orlando to harness the power of Google Analytics to find out more about their consumers (whether they’re from Central Florida or nationwide customers) and the overall performance of their company’s online marketing campaigns.

Google Analytics is an in-depth data collection and analysis tool that every business, rooted in eCommerce or that has a website, should utilize. Track your advertising and campaign performance, sales and conversions, website and app performance, mobile apps and more all in one place and through one system.

Google Analytics & Your Customers

Monitoring consumer behavior across your company website, social media sites, devices and more can give you a broad picture of your audience. Google Analytics can help you discover more about your potential consumers through site traffic analyzation and audience data and reporting. Once we know who your audience is, we can track your audience across the web and find out the different ways visitors reach your site. Through traffic source tools, map overlays and flow visualization, we can discover where your consumers live in the world, how they’re finding your site, and which campaigns are being the most effective in driving website traffic.

Want to know how consumers are interacting with your pages? We can use event tracking to monitor and measure video plays, downloads, ad clicks and more. And you can view this information in easy-to-understand charts and graphs with In-Page Analytics.

At Online Potential, we understand that it’s important to know your consumers. With Google Analytics, we can discover their browsing patterns, determine which site features are favored, and use all of this data to create a better user experience.

Google Analytics & Your Sales/Conversions

The bottom line of eCommerce is usually sales and conversions. As long as the numbers add up and equal profits, then business is good, right? Well, yes and no. If your consumers are responding positively to your marketing and advertising campaigns, then you’re doing something right. But do you know which piece of marketing or advertising sealed the deal? If not, there’s no need to worry because we can find out using Google Analytics. By analyzing your site and advertising data, we can find out when, where and why your consumers decide to convert, which provides us with measurable ways we can improve your online campaigns.

Through advertising reports, eCommerce reporting and data-driven attribution, we can keep an eye on how your advertising budget is being spent and which ad are working best for you across platforms; identify your best-performing products and services as well as the top-reaching promotions; track purchases to keywords; and be able to view a complete report on which keywords perform the best.

As we manage your Google Analytics account, we can find out in real time how many people are on your site, monitor the variations of those site visitors (such as a spike in a geo-targeted location), and evaluate the speed of your website to eliminate troubles before they frustrate your consumers.

Google Analytics & Getting Results

Now that you see just a portion of what Online Potential can offer you through Google Analytics, you may be wondering about the big picture: What can I do with all this data?

Because Google Analytics is so advanced, Google recommends that only certified analysts attempt to evaluate the data and implement changes for optimal results. Our analysts are certified by Google so you can trust that we are able to turn all this monitoring and evaluation into measurable results.

Through testing, like content experiments, we can tweak your website, advertisements, landing pages and even social media promotions until we get the consumer response your company wants. And when we reach success, it’s easy to keep the whole team informed through dashboards, annotations and real time alerts.

Don’t let your data go unwatched. Reach out to us in Orlando and realize your company’s full potential.

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