A/B Testing & Optimization

As search engine optimization changes in order to meet the expectations of consumers and stay ahead of search engine algorithm updates, many website owners are turning to A/B testing and optimization for better research and results. As Google Partners, Online Potential is capable of performing A/B testing for your company to try and identify weak points on your pages in order to improve the browsing and buying experience of your consumers.

A/B testing is when you make a variant of your web page and test the variant against the original version. Although similar to content experiments, A/B testing only includes two pages — the original page and one variation. Then, you funnel your website traffic in a way to feed half of the traffic to one site and allow the other half of the traffic to land on the other site.

A/B Testing Explained

While content experiments have identified metrics that are being tested, A/B testing includes all of the variables on a site. For example, you can test two pages where only the content is different or you can pit two different designs against one another to achieve a set goal.

It’s important to have specific goals outlined prior to testing so that you can more accurately measure the results. Increased site traffic, longer web sessions, more downloads, and higher sales and conversions rates are the more common goals that we see from our clients in Orlando.

A/B testing can help optimize every page of your website, landing page, email marketing campaign, blog and conversion marketing strategy. Because there are several implementations for testing, the process is often ongoing. This lets you to continue optimizing your site even after you’ve seen improved results from your first testing.

Results from the testing process generally define a clear page winner. Often, more people will purchase, register or complete another call-to-action on one page than those who visited the competing page. If you have 200 people make a purchase from Page A, and only 25 people from Page B, the results can be pretty clear. But data isn’t always so easily defined, which is why our analysts are Google certified in using, evaluating, and understanding Google Analytics and implementing new plans and tactics going forward.

Online Potential’s Advantages

It’s possible for website owners to conduct their own A/B testing and optimization, but they often miss out on utilizing helpful tools such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. It’s also possible for the testing process to backfire on those who have less experience and knowledge in the industry. For example, it’s pretty easy to create two versions of your homepage. But search engines can actually penalize both of your versions in the rankings list due to sharing too much duplicate content. If that happens, it can take time for your website to bounce back to its original ranking slot. There are other mishaps that can occur, so it’s best to know that it’s much harder to fix these errors after the fact than to put your trust in a company like Online Potential from the start.

We also provide a unique advantage due to the training and certification of our team of analysts. It’s important to us that we provide you with an effective strategy built from the data and results of your testing. Anyone can read data, but due to the complexity of the information, it can be difficult to know what actions should be taken to improve results and optimize your site.

When you want to test your website, landing page and even your blog, turn to the online marketing professionals at Online Potential. We want to help your business grow.


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