Conversion Design

When conversion rates are your primary focus, you want a website that can maximize your return on investment. That includes pulling traffic to your website, utilizing pay-per-click advertising and landing pages, holding a visitor’s attention and building their interest in your product or service, and guiding them to complete a purchase or call-to-action.

How Can We Provide Results?

The best conversion designs try to have an interactive conversation with your target audience. You want to get their attention, persuade them to click on a link, provide content that they want to see, sway them to complete a call-to-action, and then follow up with them. It’s an online form of give and take, and it’s the best way to increase your conversion rates.

Online Potential will help you achieve this goal by grabbing the attention of your target audience. Once we have the attention of return or potential consumers, we can guide them to performing your call-to-action. But it all starts with getting them to click on your advertisement or URL. Conversion designs are often focused around one main feature on the page. This helps pull the reader’s attention and keeps them focused. It’s easy to become distracted online, so an effective conversion design will hold a person’s attention.

One way to capture and hold a site visitor’s attention is to reduce the ways consumers can interact with the site. If the main feature on the page is your call-to-action, they are more likely to complete the action. The more links and features you incorporate, however, the more easily distracted the visitor might become. This can lead them to clicking on several other links and eventually making their way off your site. We have found that when you reduce the clutter, distractions and other clicking options, conversion rates rise. Imagine what your site could do for you with a better design.

Landing pages are often utilized in conversion designs because they provide that strict focus you want while limiting user options without the user feeling limited. Landing pages often look like an extension to your website, but they are not homepages. Your homepage might have more than 50 links and interactive features, but a landing page will have few links (maybe even just one link). The reason is because you want the people who have landed on that page to desire the product/service presented and complete the call-to-action. We specialize in landing page design, which can help your conversion design be more effective.

An effective conversion design can also reinforce your brand and credibility. Through simple matching content and design techniques, we can create landing pages and pay-per-click advertisements that are cohesive. Have you ever followed a link and are surprised or confused by the page on which you land? Maybe the headlines are different, or the sales approaches are so different it seems like the page is selling a different product. This confusion seems easy to avoid, but we’re often surprised at how often it occurs.

To hold a visitor’s attention and point them in the direction of the sale, we often recommend incorporating tools that will interest the visitor. This could include instructional videos, infographics, interactive videos with music, or new content that is unique to the page that is informative.

Choose Online Potential

As you can see, we have many approaches for designs that focus on conversion. The most important part is whether or not it works for your individual business. We want to create the best option for your company that will help you reach your conversion goal on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. Ask how landing page design, content copywriting and custom infographic design can work with your conversion design strategy for better results.

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