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Effective content does two things: it informs readers and captures their attention. That might sound easy enough, but the online attention spans of users are short. Web users often make snap decisions about websites and content, and in the blink of an eye they can be off to another site. What makes them leave? Well, slow-loading sites is the main culprit, but even when your site functions properly, visitors may still abandon your pages and move on. Quality content, presented in a way that grabs a reader’s attention (without being too flashy or annoying), is the key to keeping a reader hooked. At Online Potential, we can help you pull readers in and keep their attention.

The Importance of Quality Content Copywriting

When it comes to websites, blogs, social media sites and advertisements, content is the most important feature. A graphic, picture, illustration or video can rarely stand on its own, and if you don’t provide proper content for the imagery, you’ll leave your audience confused or uninterested. At Online Potential, we are constantly creating content for our clients, monitoring site and ad traffic to see what’s working, and updating content based on SEO and analytics evaluations. It’s a continuous process that we dedicate ourselves to so that you can focus on more important daily matters.

When we set out to create content for our clients, we follow a similar, tried-and-true formula that always gets optimal results. First of all, our content is always original and unique. That means that we don’t copy or plagiarize any text which would put your website at risk for criticism, backlash and poor search engine rankings. Instead, our writers team with our search engine optimization experts to write content that is on topic, informative and interesting, as well as being able to perform well on web searches and indexing. With Online Potential, you get the whole copywriting package.

Create a Plan for Your Content

As with any other marketing tool, content copywriting begins with a plan. What purpose will your content serve, and how will it be presented? Website content should be written differently than a blog entry or a post on social media. Our copywriting will reflect the platform on which it is published while it serves its intended purpose.

Purpose-driven content is more effective because it gets to the point and lays out the action that your want your readers to take. For example, conversion-focused content copywriting clearly defines the call-to-action at the beginning of the text and then builds on why that call-to-action should be completed. By focusing your content, you can more easily persuade readers to choose your company or services, or complete your lead generation task.

Blog entries and social media posts are often considered informal, but you don’t want to get too comfortable and forget your status. These postings are published in the name of the business, and even though social media is a place to build personal connections, taking an informal approach can offend your audience. It’s very easy to have a social media snafu or end up with a well-meaning blog post going viral in all the wrong ways. By having a clear objective for each post or entry, you can stay on topic and avoid embarrassing backlash. Our content copywriting services can keep your company’s brand in check while hitting on all the important objectives like building brand awareness, adding followers and increasing sales.

Become an Authority

When you provide informative content for your readers, they will begin to trust your site, blog and postings as an authority of the industry. We recommend our clients write on topics they know about already, which is usually within the scope of their industry. This lets you spread information that can be written from your company’s point of view, providing a unique look into the way you do business. Being able to trust a content provider is extremely important for readers so make sure you always provide complete, factual information.

Online Potential’s Approach

Our approach in creating quality content for our Orlando-based clients is simple: we care about whether your business grows. We want to help you see a better return on investment and increase your sales, so we always provide you with the best content to meet those goals. If you have an idea for website content or a blog, let us know and we can work together for optimal results. And for those of you who don’t have the time or aren’t as gifted in the literary works of online content, we can create everything from scratch for you. Put Online Potential to work for your content copywriting needs so your business can begin to grow.

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