Web traffic is the most important factor in the success of an eCommerce venture. Through our marketing strategies and analytics and development tools, we can help increase web traffic, drive sales and push conversion rates all while building your online brand. By starting with an actionable plan, we’ll determine which tools and strategies will best reach the goals of your business.

Web Traffic

For a web-based business to be successful, you need website visitors. Getting people to visit your site is the first step to building a consumer base and brand loyalty, as well as boosting sales and conversions. There are several ways that Online Potential can help you increase your website traffic.

  • Our writers and editors can create original content that is optimized for search queries and your targeted audience. Appealing to your audience is just one way to push them to your site.
  • Social media, blogging and online press releases are simple marketing tactics that can reach a larger audience and point them to your website.
  • Google remarketing helps us identify previous consumers and potential consumers and create custom adverts to ask for sale.
  • Website optimization keeps your site functioning properly while it stays updated and relevant for your audience. Keep your consumers coming back for more with new designs and captivating content.

Sales & Conversions

We have the expertise and tools available to help increase your sales and get your consumers to the calls-to-action that you value most.

  • Opt for conversion-focuses designs to point your consumers in the right direction. These designs help build up to the sale and make converting a simple and easy process for your consumers so they’re more likely to follow through.
  • Pay-per-click management teams follow your marketing campaigns and monitor their success. Through landing pages, custom infographics and content experiments, we can find out what works best for your company in order to increase sales and conversions.
  • Take advantage of Online Potential’s partnership with Yext and become part of a powerful network of business listing publishers. Make is easier for locals to find your business and increase your in-person sales.

Building Your Brand

Every marketing campaign is filled with opportunities to build your brand and increase brand awareness. If your company is new, you’ll want to establish credibility and reliability, and if your company has been around for awhile, there’s always room to pump new life and loyalty into your brand.

  • A strong social media presence can reach millions of followers, increasing the number of people who have heard of your brand, allowing you to connect with consumers directly for better brand experience, and increase the information available about your company for a more complete online presence.
  • Reputation management can be difficult when going at it alone. Trust Online Potential to counter negative reviews and monitor what people are saying about your company. A quick response to negativity can prevent a social media snafu from going viral.
  • Many people can instantly identify a company from its logo, and these days, more and more people are able to identify a business through its website. Our designers can create a unique website that your consumers can associate with your company for better online branding.

Analysis & Evaluation

It’s often said that once something is on the Internet, it never dies. We like to take that approach to your website and online marketing campaign by continually monitoring, analyzing and updating your content, design, promotions, advertising, keywords and more.

  • Google Analytics lets us see where your sales are coming from and which promotions are performing better.
  • A/B Testing and Content Experiments allow us to find out what your consumers prefer in regards to content, design, layout and images. Then we can build web pages and advertisements to suit your target audience.
  • Moz Integration and Webmaster Tools are just two features that can help turn your eCommerce business around. Find out how to improve your site’s standing with Google while discovering web traffic trends and research tools.


Having a lot of data about your site is of very little use if you don’t know how to change your tactics and implement best practices to optimize every part of your eCommerce business and online campaign. As Google Partners, our analysts are certified in Google Analytics and have extensive experience with AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools. This means that we know how to use collected data to get you measurable results.

At Online Potential, we understand the risks an eCommerce business takes when first starting out or changing its Internet marketing campaign. Let us grow your business through analyzation and evaluation, content creation, website maintenance, monitoring of site data and implementation of consumer-focused techniques.

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