Content Experiments

  • Was your website content written more than a year ago?
  • Do you want to improve your website traffic?
  • Are you interested in learning more about the browsing and shopping behaviors of your consumers?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then content experiments may be the next big step in Internet marketing and development for your company.

What are Content Experiments?

Many analytics tools available today include the ability to test content against other versions of similar content. This testing is referred to as content experiments, and it’s a way for your business to identify alternate marketing techniques and gather consumer-based information straight from your potential and existing customers.

We recommend content experiments to our Orlando clients through the form of Google Analytics. Google’s web-based tool makes testing content easy to understand and it gathers data during the experiment so that we can make decisions that appropriately correspond to that research. Content experiments allow you to compare web pages, landing pages, advertisements and more by presenting the pages to your site visitors. The scope of the experiment is completely up to you — you get to decide how many users are involved in the experiments. You can also define the parameters of the experiment in determining which objective or metric you want to test. This allows you to improve metrics such as a bounce rate or session duration in order to provide the consumer with a better experience.

Why Should I Use Content Experiments?

Content experiments are intensive and can provide real insights into your content and your consumers. We can set up your experiment to test up to 10 variations of the page, so let your imagination and creativity fly. By doing this, you’re gathering data about your consumers and how they respond to your site. Our Google Analyst certified team members can then evaluate that data and create new action plans for your online marketing and advertising campaign.

Often we find that multiple testing works best for our clients in order to fully optimize a web page. Testing more than one metric during a single experiment can lead to mixed results, but by testing each metric in a separate experiment, we can then combine the best result into a few pages. Testing those pages again can yield even more data, which can increase site traffic, session duration and more.

Experimenting with the content found on your website or landing page can lead to increased conversion rates and sales. Through these experiments, we choose a metric (goal) or action that we want to improve or have a consumer complete. Then, we make several versions of the content and release it to users through separate URLs. By doing so, we can see which content users prefer based on user behaviors and actions. Content experiments are often an ongoing process.

How Online Potential Can Help

We tend to see clients shy away from content experiments because they don’t understand how the process works and they aren’t able to understand the implications of the gathered data. The process may seem confusing to those who are not familiar with the analytics side of online marketing, and the data compiled should be evaluated and analyzed by a professional. Google recommends that only certified analysts should try to implement changes based on the data because it can be overwhelming for some. As Google Partners, our marketing team is certified in Google Analytics so you can trust that our evaluations of the data will be complete and credible. That means we can create an action plan based on the compiled data that will lead to growing your business.

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